Moment of pride for Team Sascan

Moment of pride for Team Sascan

Sascan qualified and participated in VivaTech which was held from 15th to 18th June 2022 in Paris, France

VivaTech is Europe’s biggest innovation, start-up and tech event held annually. It involves an ensemble collection of start-up showcases, innovation exhibits, workshops, panel discussions, CEO talks etc. from countries and MNCs across the world

For the first time ever, a country has been conferred the status of – 'Country of the Year 'and that country happened to be India.
Vivatech showcased the best innovations in the country. It became a platform for the budding Indian start-up community for them to get global exposure.

We Sascan Meditech Pvt Ltd, become a part of the Indian contingent. We were one among the four companies who qualified to be physically present at the venue to showcase our product.

Many dignitaries visited our stall during the four-day exhibition. Sascan was represented by the Founder & CEO, Dr. Subhash Narayanan and Co. Promoter & Director of Marketing, Mr. Vinodkumar Damodaran

More Details:

Founder & Chairman of Bharat Biotech Dr. Krishna Ella when he visited our stall

Explaining the product details of OralScan to customers

Viva Tech

Photograph with Mr. Jawed Ashraf, Indian Ambassador to France during the dinner hosted by him at the Indian Embassy, France.

Indian Ambasador to France Mr. Jawed Ashraf  and CEO of National Health Authority Dr. R. S. Sharma@ Sascan stall

Dr. Subhash Narayanan Founder & CEO & Vinod kumar Damodaran -Director Marketing @ Sascan Stall

Indian pavilion

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