Early Detection Saves Lives

Most lives are lost to cancer because it is detected too late. At Sascan we are developing technology that can accurately and cheaply detect early and pre-cancerous squamous cell lesions that constitute one-third of all cancer cases globally.

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Make Screening Routine

Early screening for most squamous cell cancers is not possible because of low diagnostic accuracy, high costs and painful procedures. Our misison is to make screening technology so accurate, painless and cheap that screening can be had as routinely as dental checkups


Bi-modal Multi-Spectral Imaging


The characteristics of diffusely reflected light and fluorescence emission from cancerous tissues are different from normal tissues. Our proprietary imaging technology accurately detects these differences to diagnose cancerous lesions.

Our Edge

Our oral screening device uses an in-built camera to provide far more accurate and real-time assessments at a lower cost than current industry leaders. The device also points doctors to the most malignant site in a lesion for tissue biopsies.


The current technology can be adapted to detect most forms of squamous cell cancers, which constitute one-third of all cancers. The device can also be adapted to delineate tissue margins during cancer surgery.


Our technology is specifically suited for screening precancerous lesions at higher accuracy and lower per-patient cost. This will encourage large scale adoption and save millions of lives every year.

Products in Development

Oral Screening Device

A handheld bimodal imaging camera that is so sensitive that it can detect oral precancers. It can be placed in a patient's mouth to easily screen oral tissues and diagnose different grades of cancer in real-time, using an algorithm. This portable device can store images in its internal memory or on the cloud and makes cancer screening as easy and painless as taking a picture.

Cervical Screening Device

A bimodal imaging device that detects morphological and biochemical changes in cervical tissues to screen for early stages of cancer with higher diagnostic accuracies than conventional techniques such as Pap smear or a coloposcopic (VIA and VILI) examination. In addition, the device will help in identifying the optimal site for biopsy, thereby avoiding under-diagnosis, and unneccessary pain for patients.

The Team

Dr. Subhash Narayanan

Founder Director

Subhash has over 35 years of experience in bio-photonics instrumentation, bio-medicine and clinical research. He is a recipient of the NOVARTIS ORATION award for cancer research. In his free time he loves flying kites by the ocean.

Dr. Ruhi Agarwala


Ruhi is a medical doctor with a Masters in Global Health from Maastricht University, Netherlands. She is passionate about making healthcare affordable and accessible to the masses and has clinical experience in hospitals across India and China.

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