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Dr. Subhash Narayanan

Founder Director & CEO

Dr Subhash has over 40 years of experience in biophotonics research, optical instrumentation, biomedicine and clinical research.  He completed his masters in Physics from Kerala University and PhD in Lasers from the Cochin University of Science & Technology, India.  He started his scientific career at the Atmospheric Sciences Division of the National Centre for Earth Science Studies (NCESS) in Thiruvananthapuram in 1980.  During his tenure at NCESS he worked on optical/biomedical instrumentation, and different areas of biophotonics,  like  environmental remote sensing,  detection of oral/cervical cancers, tooth caries. tissue inflammation, etc and antimicrobial photodynamic therapy.  Before founding Sascan, he worked as Chief Scientist at Vinivish Technologies Pvt Ltd and as Consultant at Forus Health Pvt Ltd.  The last decade of his career was focused on development and clinical validation of spectroscopic and imaging devices for early detection of oral and cervical cancers.   In view of his contributions to the field of cancer, he was conferred the Novartis Oration Award 2010 by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Govt of India.

He is a Senior Fellow of the Head and Neck Optical Diagnostic and Intervention Society (HNODS), UK; Life member of the Optical Society of India,  the Indian Laser Association and the Indian Remote Sensing Society.  He was a Regular Associate of the AS-ICTP in Trieste during 1992-1998, Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Quantum Electronics in Florence in 1993 and Senior DAAD Fellow at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany in 1998. In his free time he loves flying kites by the ocean, or takes his bicycle for a spin.